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The calm before

I’ve started on a new project. The last couple of weeks, months even, I’ve not been very active. Actually, except for some candid portrait shots with my cellphone on my way to work, I haven’t touched a camera since somewhere in March of this year. As written before I have done several types of photography, from Urban Exploration to Concerts to People and Street. It was time to contemplate where I want to go with my photography, and I found that the mix is what I want to go for.

People photography

I like people, I like interaction, but I don’t like to pose people too much. I love the candidness of street photography and the rawness of photojournalism. So why not try to combine these? Go out, interact with people who want to be photographed. Go out, ask random people in the street for a photograph? Shoot candid shots, the beauty that happens in between the occasional pose, make shoots more a “day in the life” , travel, lifestyle experience than a “photo shoot”?

Yeah, why not? It’s been developing in that direction for a while now, so now it was time to make that work. So I decided to visit a photo walk again. Not the street walks I so love and will still visit, but a so-called model walk. You have to start somewhere, right? I know about this, by now, almost legendary walk, organized by a friend of mine in Cologne, so I decided to drop by again. To shoot. To drink. To have fun. And boy, did I have fun!

This walk ignited my love for photography, and in the next couple of days, I had a talk with Jenny, who was also on that walk, and an old idea re-ignited. Why not combine deliberate people photography with raw street, a bit of photojournalism, and even travel? An idea was born.

Show me your city

I had a WordPress conference in Berlin coming up, with a much needed holiday before and after the event. I decided to reach out to people on Facebook and other media to see if I could meet them during my travel. I wanted to visit a friend up north after the event anyway, so my vacation turned into a round trip visiting Leipzig, Berlin, Stralsund and Hamburg. The response to me reaching out was overwhelming, and before I knew I had too many people to visit on this trip. Which is a good thing, because I can continue this project anytime, anywhere. The first posts will be online soon!

Do you want to join?

Contact me, so we can set up a meeting. Show me your city, the way you are, the way you see and love your city. Tell me what moves you, why you love (or hate) your city. Don’t show me the obvious tourist attractions, but the spots that are special to you!

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