About me

"We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us." ~ Charles Bukowski

Let me tell you a bit about me

I’ve been taking photos since I was a child. With a grandpa and an uncle shooting for newspapers, and a dad who is an avid hobby photographer, you could say it runs in the family. My real passion for photography got reignited around 2008 when I got my first Digital Camera. Although I love the look and feel of analog photography, I am a big fan of the optimized workflow digital photography has to offer. I’ve been contemplating for a long time what my photography is about. I shoot people, I shoot street, I shoot people in and off the street. So what is it? I just shoot life!

I also love to travel. Not the all-inclusive sipping cocktails by the pool kind of travel, though. I love to immerse myself in local culture. Really be in a place. Go where the locals go when they are done working. Roam around the back alleys until I get the feeling I’m lost. And finding my way back again. The combination of photography and travel is what really gets my heart going. Wherever I go I always have one or two cameras with me, because you never know what opportunity you might run into.

  • When getting lost in a city I love doing some street photography and portraiture. I love the challenge of finding that one great shot, that cool situation, or that great person that you just have to shoot.
  • I also travel around Europe on a regular basis with friends to find abandoned beauty and create art for my long-running project, the Colors of Impermanence.
  • And of course, I love connecting with people. Go out for a coffee, get to know people, and create beautiful, real people photography. Don’t expect any glamour or beauty shots. I’m interested in the real you, in photographing your essence. My photography isn’t about me, it’s about you! if you need photos, you can contact me here, or sign up for my newsletter here!