Summer in Cologne

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Last weekend I went to Cologne to visit a talented young photographer, Jana. I had a ton of fun, and if this weekend was a prelude to what’s coming this summer, well, this summer will be a blast!

Summer in Cologne - Jana

Breakfast and Passion

We had breakfast at LizBät, a cool place in Köln Ehrenfeld, and talked about our passions, photography, life, work and more. We also made some plans for an upcoming weekend at the sea and some city visits in the Netherlands, which I’m looking forward to already!

Summer in Cologne - The Artful Do(d)g(er)
The Artful Do(d)g(er)

Le Tour Belgique

After a great breakfast and some coffees it was time to walk to the “Belgische Viertel” where Le Tour Belgique was taking place. We were supposed to meet my dear friend Martin, who was accompanied by Lea. I was just about to call him as he stood before me all of a sudden. Apart from being a photographer I really admire, he is one of the most warm-hearted people I’ve ever gotten to know. Glad to call him a friend!

Summer in Cologne - Pumas & Flowers
Pumas & Flowers
Summer in Cologne - Nur heute
Nur heute
Summer in Cologne - Smokes & Spirits
Smokes & Spirits

Drinks and… Some more

We walked around, sat in the sun in a park, drank some Kölsch, and simply had a great time. People would join us, people would leave, some stayed around a bit longer. Jörg (another talented photographer I really love) joined us, Nadine joined us, we drank some more Kölsch, saw some nice bands… Drank some more and talked some more… It was all a first summer day could offer and more.

Summer in Cologne - Gotta use sunscreen
Gotta use sunscreen
Summer in Cologne - Holocene

Cologne, it feels like home

Cologne is starting to feel like a home away from home. Who would have thought! I am starting to get to know and love some people there. So I’ll definitely spend some more time there in the near and far future!

Summer in Cologne - Fuzzy Martin
Fuzzy Martin

I stayed at Martin’s home, met his lovely wife, and on the way back on Sunday, an old lady was nice enough to invite me to ride the train on her ticket, for free. Big city, big hearts…..


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