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Here we go again

So, things panned out differently again, as usual. It’s been months since I wrote my last blog post, which was a review of 2019, as well as a look forward to what 2020 could bring. I was full of plans, had ideas for new projects, and a lot of old stuff still waiting to be done. My Promenade Days project, among others.

At the time, things were really looking good in my head, but I soon noticed that with my job, I still could not bring myself to sit behind my computer in the evening to do the stuff I love most; photography. It was time to find a new job. Free my head, free my mind, and start fresh.

A new job

And, I did. I found a new job with a very cool company where I felt at home right off the bat. I’m enjoying getting up in the morning again, I make time to meditate, and finally had enough space in my head to make some necessary changes. One of these changes was the way I look at photography, and especially, the way I look at myself as a photographer!

So I decided to re-invent myself. Myself, but also my workflow. With the months, even years I had amassed such a big pile of photos that have never even been seen, let alone touched on my hard drives, that I had to make some decisions.

No more

no more ambition

I decided to finally get away from the notion that I’d be able to live off my photography at some point in time. It’s always been on my mind, but I also always knew that I’d have to do weddings and portraits for the main part of my profession. Something I never have, still don’t and never will feel comfortable with. My perfectionism would get in the way of shooting someone’s big day, and my doubts about my skills would kill me probably.

no more comparison

I also decided that, while it’s good to look at other people’s work to get inspiration, I would not look up to other photographers anymore, or even compare myself with them. Again, my perfectionism and my doubts about my skills.. They have always gotten in the way. As said before, I have amassed tons of photos I would never share, because I myself would thing they would not live up to the photos of my idols. It was a better idea to go shoot and never show anything. Just keep shooting. Maybe somebody would get inspired by my work after my demise, like with Vivian Mayer.

no more old garbage

So, I decided to start culling my collection. I’ts not that we have anything else to do during these troubled Covid-19 times, right? I started to really critically look at what I had done before, remove the garbage, and see what remained. And actually, there were some gems to be found, and I still find some each day! The good thing was that this cleanup finally re-ignited the spark I had lost. Where in the past I wouldn’t even touch a computer or photo after work, I now couldn’t wait to get home and cull some more.

Back on Track

During my culling sessions, I decided it would be a cool idea to be able to do this everywhere, on the go. But not only the culling bit, I also wanted to be able to edit! It would fit nicely with my travel plans, and my idea to be able to instantly publish good photos instead of leaving them on my hard drive again. I checked to see what I would need to do my minimal editing, and I checked if this could be done with the mobile version of Lightroom. The answer was a big yes, so I moved most of my libraries to Lightroom CC, instead of having them on my hard drives at home. Now I can edit from everywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Not bad!

As we speak I’m still culling away (i removed over 400 photos today alone) and the end is in sight. As soon as all is done, and we are allowed on the streets again, I’ll go out and shoot again. Until that time there’s enough to be edited and published, and soon, very soon, the next Promenade Days blog post will be a fact.

Some of the photos I have edited in recent days have been added to this blog post. There’s still a lot to do but it’s a great start.


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