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I’ve always been interested in a certain branch of photography, photojournalism. I started out with concert photography before I got into the whole fine art Urban Exploration photography thing. Still, I never could shake the feeling I could, and wanted to do more. During my years as a photographer, I tried several genres, like people photography, to test and hone my skills. Last year, I set my teeth into street photography, which is probably the closest to photojournalism you can get. It seemed like a perfect way to learn something new.

It was new, it was exciting, and I sucked at it.

Photo walks

To really get the hang of it (or any kind of photography for that matter), you can do several things. You can read about it, you can watch videos about it, but you can also just go out and do it. On your own, or, as I did before when trying myself as a people photographer, visit photo walks. They’re a great way to see skilled photographers at work, get to know people and practice and improve your skills. Boy was I lucky that there’s a group of people called Soul of Street, organizing Street Photowalks in Cologne on a regular basis.

Reading Soul of Street
Reading Soul of Street Photo credit: Esther Buchbender

But, there’s more!

The cool thing about these people is, they’re really, really into street photography. So much, they don’t only organize photo walks, they also publish a photo magazine. And a good one! I won an issue in a Christmas advent sweepstake. After I received it, I was completely smitten. I read it front to back, and I must admit, I have never seen a magazine of this quality. It consists of great quality interviews and articles with high quality photo print work on very high-quality paper. I can recommend this magazine to anybody that loves street photography. Another cool thing is that they have a very active Facebook group, and publish photos from that group in the magazine, too!

So, I’ve got lots of good reasons to join Soul of Street on their photo walks in the coming months, or years.

One caveat, the magazine is in German and is distributed in Germany only. I need to figure out a way to get my hands on a subscription in another way. Or, move to Germany. ?


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