Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Who am I:
Bas Brader
Spoorstraat 11
5931 PR Tegelen
+31 6 4174 9995


On this website I showcase my photography work and post articles about photography  travel and more.

Personal data is processed on this website. Don´t be alarmed, I will not sell your data to others. All data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR (AVG)

This page is an explanation of what I do with your data, and how I deal with it.


If you want you can visit this site anonymously. I do not collect or process personal data, unless you consciously provide them to me. I only use the data for the purpose for which you provide it. Some of this information is provided for the functionality of this site. Some of these functionalities are described below.

Blog reaction form

It’s nice if you post a comment, especially if it’s on a blog you can discuss. If you respond it is mandatory to enter your name (or nickname), email address and of course your comment. Specifying a website is optional. When the comment is posted, your name, website and comment are publicly visible. Your email address will never be shown.

All data is stored in the secure database of this weblog. Your IP address or that of your VPN will also be stored there. Just like your e-mail address, I will not disclose your IP address. I only use this data if I have to take measures against, for example, spammers or if you post unacceptable reactions. In a rare case I will respond via e-mail.

Contact form

When you contact me, you have to fill in your name (or nickname) and e-mail address on the contact form. And of course what you want to say. The subject is optional. As soon as you press send, an email will be sent to my secure mailbox. Your details will never be placed on my site or shared with others. It is the correspondence between you and me.


When you subscribe to my newsletter, you have to fill in your name (or nickname) and e-mail address on the subscription form. As soon as you press send, an email will be sent to you to confirm your subscription. Your details will never be placed on my site or shared with others. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe again.

Spam filtering

All the forms on this site are equipped with a spam filtering solution. Any IP-address that tries to comment, contact me through contact forms, or tries to subscribe to my newsletter, will be logged. After 2 tries from the same IP-address, this address will be blocked, and will not be able to visit my site anymore. These IP-addresses, as well as the spam messages, will be deleted on a monthly basis.


As on many sites, I also use cookies. A cookie is a file that is placed on your computer and that data in that cookie can be sent back to the server when you visit the site again.

These cookies are used for the following functionalities:

Remembering your data

If you visit my site more often and respond regularly, it is useful not to have to fill in your details over and over again. A cookie is placed in which your name (or nickname), your e-mail address and possibly your website is stored. That cookie is only used so that you do not have to enter that data again.


To know how my site is being used, I use the very privacy-friendly Koko Analytics. This plugin places a cookie, which allows me to see if you are visiting the site for the first time or more often.

No user data is collected that could lead back to a specific visitor. I am not interested in that either. Above all, I want to know how many and how often people visit my site. All anonymized data is deleted after 60 months.

If you do not want cookies to be stored from this site, you can disable cookies via your browser. This can usually be found under preferences and then the privacy tab. The nice thing is that the site simply continues to work completely without cookies.

Inspection, modification and removal

You have the right to access, modify or delete the collected data at any time. Please contact me for more information. The personal data in the cookies are not processed by me. I also have no influence on the data collected by  Google.


I reserve the right to change this cookie and privacy statement without notice. Please read this statement regularly to stay informed